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There are many reasons tooth loss as an accident,a disease of inadequate oral health!
The all on 4 treatment concept is the best in its class of solutions..
Using just four dental implants to secure a naturallooking restoration, the All-on-4® treatment concept provides a fixed, functional and stable set of provisional teeth in just one day.The All-on-4® treatment concept is a proven dental implant solution designed specially for people with toothless jaws or failing dentition. The only fixed full-arch treatment with 18 years of documented clinical success and over 150,000 patients successfully treated.


• Immediate restoration in 1 just a day

• Shorter treatment time and reduced costs compared with conventional implant treatment modalities.

• Helps avoid complex grafting procedures,increasing the likelihood of patient acceptance.

• High stability with just four implants.

• Saving money in the long run compared with other, more complex, techniques

• Applies to patients with health problems

•Immediate improvement in eating,comfort,esthetics and speech.

• High success rates

• Minimally Invasive short process

• Avoid technical lifting maxillary sinuses and regeneration of bone or which are time consuming and pop-out and the cost of the finished PLAN Treatment


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All on 4
Surgical planning of all-on-4.
Extraction of old porcelain restoration due to periodontal lesions and restore full arch edentation with all-on-4 system.
Εξαγωγή μίας παλαιάς γέφυρας λόγω περιοδοντικής νόσου και αποκαάασταση All on 4 κοχλιωμένη σταθερά σε 4 εμφυτεύματα.
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