The use of growth factors in implantology

Valuable help in the surgical implantology sector in our practice is the use of plasma rich in platelets and growth factors obtained from the patient.

The platelet plasma (PRP) which is essentially an autologous source of growth factors, is prepared by isolating and concentrating platelet, after suitable centrifugation of donor blood.

The increased concentration of growth factors stimulates the rapid growth of new bone and soft tissues at the cellular level without risk of allergic reaction or rejection because the blood is autologous. This ensures the first round bone growth from the implant once in 2 weeks of the placement and the healing ability of the body is improved for higher success rates.

The PRGF is the 1st forη clinical application of tissue construction science and is autologous source of pooled platelet derived growth factor. releases at least 7 different growth factors (cytokines) during healing by activating the bone regeneration and the soft tissue when their concentrations exceed 1.000.000/ml.

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