Clinical cases

Restoring final edentation of lower jaw with porcelain bridge on 2 implants
Restoring bilateral edentation in upper jaw with 2 Implant restorations.
Porcelain superstructure on upper jaw to restore miising teeth and improve patient's smile.
Allceram veneer emax on endotreated at the past central incisor,and simultaneously bleaching to residual teeth.
Combined solution with porcelain contstruction and BAT system to restore missing teeth and improve patients smile.
Extraction of 2 impacted canines ,Porcelain hypercontsruction and simultaneous crown legthening ,bleaching,to improve patient's smile and pshychology.
Replacing the old acrylic restoration with new full mouth ceramic one..
Implant-supported dentures upper and lower barrier with excellent aesthetics,which perfectly mimics the previously existing situation(before losing their teeth,left image)..
Lower jaw denture adapted on 2 implants..
Restore with 6 ceramic veneers to anterior teeth and bleaching to residual teeth ,to improve patient's smile.
Replacing old acrylic veneer with new ceramic one.
Treating orthodontic maloclussion class 2 and simultaneous bleaching.
Performing sinus lift operation,2 implants placed and hybrid restoration on them.
Loss of central incisor due to root fracture , implantation and positioning screw temporary restoration 24 hrs after the surgery.!
Restoring the 4 loss of anterior teeth due to periodontitis with implant supported restoration.
Effective fixation of orthodontic disorder 'open bite' with porcelain hyperconstruction of upper jaw.!
Restoring the loss of old bridge in the upper jaw due to periodontal defect with implant-supported hybrid restoration color A2.
Monolithic zirconia restoration screwed on 2 implants
Dentures upper and lower jaw supported in 2 slim implants
Closing the gap of central incisors 2 with 2 2 ultrathin emax veneers . Simultaneous bleaching to residual teeth.!
Porcelain Restoration adapted on 4 implants to restore anterior teeth loss 6 due to periodontitis.
Extraction of four anterior teeth due to acute periodontitis and restoration with hybrid zirconia on 2 implants
Extraction of old bridge in the posterior region of upper jaw and restoration with 2 implants. Temporary teeth on same day of surgery.
Holistic restoration in lower jaw retained on 6 implants.
Restoration of deep bite orthodontic disorder and tooth loss with orthodontic treatment ,zirconia superstructures and 2 implants
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