Preventive Dentistry

Professional deep cleaning of teeth by the dentist is the first step in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis. In the early stages of gingivitis a tooth cleaning accompanied by removal of tartar (scaling) It is usually enough to restore gum health. In more advanced stages, as a periodontitis, needed deeper cleaning and root debridement.

Scaling is a dental procedure of removing dental plaque and tartar (tartar) of teeth, and mainly from the area around the gum line.
Deep cleaning isthe procedure to remove succesfully debris and microbial colonisation in the gums.. Also the dentist will smooth out any abnormalities of the root surfaces may help adhesion of dental plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth.
The removal of plaque and tartar from the teeth at regular intervals, under preventative visits to the dentist each 6 months, is particularly effective in preventing gingivitis and caries.

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