A beautiful smile enhances your overall presence, and healthy teeth allow you to eat, talk and live with confidence. Ignoring oral hygiene, Various diseases of the gums, many different diseases and accidents can lead to tooth loss at any age.

So what if we need new teeth; Dental implants according to the dentist Armen Kiosegian is the most aesthetic and long-lasting sustainable solution for the replacement of natural teeth.


Dental implants have the form '' screw '' , A dental implant is a screw-like object made of bone compatible titanium or ceramics that, is surgically inserted(implanted) into the jaw bone.. Placed uder local anesthetic sedation, and it needs 2 until 6 months for full osseointegration.

Implants can be used to support both fixed and removable dentures.. In other cases we can make and apply immediate loaded restoration on implants!.



Under some circumstances (anatomical factors such as, aesthetic requirements, dental occlusion, patient cooperation, initial implant stability) the temporary restoration can be applied on implants 1 day after the surgery day of implantation . The improved surfaces of implants provide faster osseointegration times and success rates.. A number 4-5 implants in the lower jaw and 5-6 maxilla with sufficient initial stability during the surgery , is sufficient number of to 24 to retent full arch restoration 24 hours after the surgery day of implantation..


— It is the closest possible imitation of natural teeth

— They require no grinding of teeth around

— The architecture of the bone is not disrupted

— The mastication ability is unaffected, while the patient has a natural tooth feel during mastication.

You should invest a bit more time and effort than with normal tooth care.Its required to keep good oral hygiene and be consistent to semester's dental recalls., and heavy smoking is prohibited..


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